Start Earning Revenue from Your Property with Solar

Whether you own extra roofing space, a warehouse, or a parking lot, we help you transition to clean energy and earn an income as a host for community solar.

We support commercial and industrial partners across the island to maximize the use of their roof spaces and properties to create a new cash flow through innovative solar power systems. What’s more, we take care of everything from financing, EPC, and maintenance of all projects.

When you lease out your roof space and property to install and generate electricity using the industry’s best-in-class technology and our fully integrated design; you’re able to receive a revenue share on the electricity sold to the CEB under the Net Plus Scheme. It’s that easy!

As a resilient, reliable, and experienced installation partner with an established track record, we offer you all you need for a hassle-free transition towards clean energy.


Join us as we contribute towards the reduction of harmful carbon footprints and power the nation towards clean energy.

Solar Panel Repair

Monitoring Asset Health

We assess component’s electrical and mechanical health including signal trending and downtime.